From the recording Mendocino Son

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Written by: Ken Roberts


Somewhere on that highway
I turned around and I got lost
Somehow time slipped by me
Ohh, such a cost
I wandered through some quiet little town
On the California coast
Where they prayed for rain, but the rain never fell
In the years that they needed it most
Ohh, they need it most

California, California
California, California
The railroads used to run here
Iron and steel, but now they’re gone
But the ghosts of California,
still linger on

As I wandered through that quiet little town,
I heard voices on the wind
They said you made your choice and you crossed that line
And you can’t go back again
Ohh, you can’t go back again

California, California,
California, California

And somewhere in that quiet little town
I know she’s waiting there
‘Til the past is gone and the ghosts move on
and the coastline is finally clear
Ohh, finally clear

California, California
California, California