From the recording This Land

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I know you can’t let go
there’s no one to blame
I guess sometimes, that’s just how it is
Some things never change
But it hurts so much, it hurts so bad,
That you can hardly handle the pain
Oh, come out of the rain

Some days, you just don’t know,
Which way you should turn
You don’t feel right, but you can’t deny
Those lessons you’ve learned
It’s a hard road and a heavy load
And in the end there’s nothing to gain
Oh, come out of the rain

Come out of the dark and into the light
And into the arms of one who’s holding you tight
Come out of the rain, and out of the cold
Cause don’t you know that you’re the only one with their
heart on hold

So you take that step, you take that chance
What else can you do
If you keep holding on to a broken heart
It’ll break you in two
Don’t you know, if you just let go
You’ll see your world beginning to change
Oh, come out of the rain