From the recording This Land

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You can take any fork in the road
You can follow wherever it goes
Any road that you choose
The way back is never the same
Take a chance give it all that you’ve got
Then you’ll know if you’re ready or not
When there’s so many roads And times just slipping away

Leaving everything behind you
When there’s so much more to say
You know it’s been so long
Now you’re finding your own way
And It’s another beautiful day

You can sleep in the valley of dreams
Where the night isn’t all that it seems
When the morning arrives
You’re still just dreaming away
You can stay in your dream and hide
Never go to the other side
No matter how many times your dreams are beginning to fade

You know those dreams are like an island
Where you’re all alone and safe
But when those dreams are gone
Won’t you come outside and play
Cause it’s another beautiful day

When the sun goes down and daylight fades away
And the evening turns to gray
You know it won’t be long 'til
morning brings Another beautiful day