1. Last Love

From the recording California

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Written by: Ken Roberts


Everybody’s going somewhere, I can,
see it in your eyes, you’d like to go there too
Will you ever see the changes baby,
Follow on the paths that they have laid for you
You can’t help looking for that last love that’s true,
And you just don’t know what to do

You’ve been running round in circles never,
Looking back to see if you were wrong or right
Never had a reason you just,
Took it on the wing, you’re like a bird in flight
You can’t help thinking ‘bout that last goodbye
How can you live a love that’s died

Take a look around you baby,
There’s a lot of other people who can make you smile
Open up your eyes and maybe,
Open up your heart for just a little while
You can’t keep waiting for that last love to fall
You just might make it after all

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