1. California

From the recording California

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Written by: Ken Roberts


Some days you want to let go
And some days you don't really know
It's so hard trying to find your way
Sometimes you can hold on and
Some days you’re already gone
Sometimes there isn't a lot to say
And it carries you away

When you live in California
And the sun is going down
You can find them almost everywhere
In the cities and small towns
When you live in California
Stars are here just waiting to be found

Some days you're out of control
And some days you get on a roll
It’s so fine
When everything goes your way
But sometimes you've gotta be strong
Cause its so hard when everything's wrong
But somehow it'll turn out okay
It’s just another sunny day

When you live in California
With all the people passing by
There's a quiet place that you can go
And watch the ocean’s fall and rise
When you live in California
Is it Neverland or
Once Upon a Time
That you'll find

When you live in California
And the sunsets in your eyes
And you've been gone a long, long time
Just to fly the friendly skies
When you live in California
Welcome back its good that you've arrived

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