1. This Dance

From the recording Every Day

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Written by: Ken Roberts


She was a shy girl, born on the fourth of July
talking with some of her friends, the parade passing by
I was a wild one waiting for life to begin
I opened the passenger door and Mary climbed in

Down at the trestle it was the regular crowd
laughing and singing and playing our music too loud
Nothing else mattered, but to live every moment you can
at the end of the evening, it was just me and Mary again

Even the shadows were fading away in the light
The fireworks were blazing, Mary was holding me tight
When it was over, somehow she slipped through my hands
but I’ll hold on as long as I can to this dance

Down at the trestle everything still looks the same
but the summers have all washed away in the cold winter rains
Like a train in the distance the years just keep rolling on by
But it was just me and Mary out on the fourth of July

She went to college, and I went to fight in the war
A few cards and letters, then we weren’t we anymore
Now the music has ended but I know I can’t take that chance
So I’ll hold on as long as I can to this dance

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