1. Only Love

From the recording Every Day

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Written by: Ken Roberts3


Come a little bit closer, and listen cause I have to say
You know you’ve got a way of moving, girl it takes my breath away
Hey I know what it’s like to be lonely, I know how it feels
All I ever wanted was to hold you, just to make it real
I called the Doctor and said Doctor please, there must be something wrong
He said it’s only love, it’s only love

And when you say that you love me, honey that means everything
And when you say you’re dreaming of me, I’m a puppet on a string
Hey I’ll do anything that you want to, anything at all
Baby I’ll be there in a heartbeat, all you’ve gotta do is call
My hands are shaking and my knees go weak
I know I’m too far gone
But it’s only love, it’s only love

Only love can tear a mountain down, or lift a weak man off the ground
You don’t win, you can’t choose, but somehow love will get a hold on you
Only love can take you by the hand, and lead you to the Promised Land
So don’t worry, or be blue, ‘cause someday love will get a hold on you
It’s only love, it’s only love

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